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Lynne in her studio


I am always shocked and impressed by the brilliant quality of Lynne’s artwork. The Dreaming of a Brighter World painting is not only masterfully executed in the depth of feeling the piece evokes, but it is also a simply wonderful and full composition. I love this piece and it will always take up important real estate on my wall.

Mark S.

We have been delighting in Lynne’s engaging and intriguing art ever since we happened by her showing last year at a local winery. The painting that we purchased speaks to a refined feminine strength and its relationship to natural beauty and has a prominent space in our living room, where we can enjoy lingering over its timeless themes and exquisite details.

Lucia and Mark B.

I have 3 original paintings and several prints in my collection from Lynne. They never go unnoticed by people that come to my home whether it is new guests or friends and family that have seen the paintings many times. An example of one of them is a painting of my son. When he was about 3 years old I caught a photo of him playing peek-a-boo from behind a large hibiscus flower on a bush in my front yard. My favorite photo of my son was rapidly fading. Lynne took that photo and painted that image on canvas, and it was perfect. It brings me so much pleasure and a wonderful story to share with others.

Vicki C.

I gave a giclee of Under Blue Water to my mom, who has it displayed in her beauty salon. She loves the image and has many clients who ask about it. It’s perfect for that environment.”

Trista F.

We love your work – it’s so spiritual.”

Annalie and Mark H.

I received the painting, which was totally beautiful and just exactly what I was hoping for. You are truly a talented artist. I put it up immediately in my office. Many, many thanks again for an outstanding work of art.”

Randall E.